Thank You!

Because of a generous grant, $50,000 was available to NASAA for a 1:1 match. Thanks to more than 200 people, the campaign raised MORE THAN $50,000 by September 30, 2013, securing more than $100,000 for NASAA. We are so grateful to our wonderful donors for their support. Thank you!

It's not too late to join in our work on behalf of state arts agencies! Make your gift today and be part of NASAA's 2014 Annual Fund. Thank you!

What Does My Support Do?

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for their support of the Campaign for NASAA.


Wylie Aitken

Lisa and Tim Alderman

Carole Alexander

Michael Alexander

Lisa S. Anderson

Barbara Schaffer Bacon

Dr. Sonya G. Baker and Mr. Michael J. Fazio

Lona Barrick

Kelly Barsdate

Rita and Mike Basom

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Berry

Barbara Bershon

Tom Birch

Lisa Blach and Andy Weil

Rebecca Blunk

Robert Booker

Susan Boskoff

John Bracey

Lona Barrick

Patricia Bizzell

Rich Boyd

Jean B. Boyer Cowling

Bill and Robin Branstrom

Pam Breaux

Dr. Roger C. Brooks

Benjamin Brown

Carol R. Brown

Wilma Brown

Patty A. Bryant

Patsy W. Camp

Michael J. Charron

Shelley Cohn

Myrna Colley-Lee

Theresa Colvin

Stephanie Conner

Alan W. Cooper

Christopher Coppola

Mary M. Corbett

Llewellyn Crain

Merle Jo Crandall

Lori Crawford

Robert Culver

Elaine D'Alessandri

Christine D'Arcy

Lyndra P. Daniel

Shannon Daut

Joel T. Daves IV

Sherry Davis

Sara Jane DeHoff

Lisa Dent Bielefeldt

Pat and Dennis Dewey

John Divine

Michael Donovan

Craig Dreeszen

Don Ehman

Karen Ellerbrook

Lu Ellsworth

Douglas and Justine Estes

Michael Faison

Loie Fecteau

John B. and Delores (Dee) Fery

Cindy Finnie

Arlynn Fishbaugh

Cecelia Fitzgibbon

Rachel and Conrad Fowler

Charlotte Fox

William G. Francis

Mildred Franco

Julie Hall Friedman

Ralph Frohsin, Jr.

Jeffrey Gabel

Jessica Galvano and Chris M. Front

Sue Gens

Sara Lee Gibb

Gary Gibbs

Richard A. Givens, II

Monica Guzman, Guam

Julie Hale

Angela Han

Patricia S. Hanley

Nancy Harbour

Jim Harrison, III

Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts

Dr. Sarah Lynn Hayes

Al Head

Julie Henahan

Cathy Hernandez

Stephen B. Hill/Hillco, Ltd.

Lynnette Hiskey

Mark and Lynn Hofflund

Cinda Holt

Philip Horn

Margaret Hunt

Steve Hunter Associates, L.C.

Dorothy Ilgen

Julie Jacobson

Dora Hanson James

Elaine Johnson

Muriel P. Johnson

Marie L. Junaluska

Bobby Kadis

Lonny Kaneko

Jonathan Katz

Dennis Kavanaugh

Mary Kelley

Patrick Kelsey

Henrietta Kemp

Mary Kennedy

Charlotte P. Kessler

Honorable Lynn Kessler

George Koch

Maria Kompare

Monica Kridler

Kathleen Kuszak

Dana LaFonta

Eva Laird Smith

Susan S. Landis

Liza Lewis

Tarky Lombardi, Jr.

Ann K. Looney

Todd P. Lowe

William Mandicott

Renee Margocee

Senator Gwen Margolis

Lynn Martin Graton

Maryland Citizens for the Arts

Cassandra Mason

Ken May

Cindy S. McGhee

Ray McKinney

Dorothy Pierce McSweeny

Lori Meadows

Amanda Merrill

David A. Miller

Lise Monty

Barbara and Tom Moran

Shelley Morhaim

Terri Moreland

Cynthia Murray-Beliveau

Brenda S. Nienhouse

Kathy O'Dell

Jack E. Olds

Ed Oliver

John and Susan Ostrout

Sandy Oxx

Karen Paty

Joy Pennington

Rhoda Pierce

Jeff Pierson

Connie Pirtle

Betty Plumb

Bernice Price

Clement Alexander Price

Sylvia Prickett

Billye Proctor Shaw

Rob Pulleyn

Doug and Betsy Purcell

Mollie Quinlan-Hayes

Rebecca T. Quinn

Mary Regan

Lewis Ricci

Jeff Rich

Julie Richard and Ed Buonvecchio

Bruce A. Richardson

Josephine D'Amato Richardson

Mr. Wallace A. Richardson

Lisa Robb

Barbara S. Robinson

Clive Romney

Randall Rosenbaum

Mrs. Carol Rothschild

Andee Rudloff

Steve Runk

Nola Ruth

Terri B. Salazar

Susan Salkin

Laurel Sayer

Lana Schlecht

Kathleen Schlepp

Mary Margaret Schoenfeld

Terry A. Scrogum

Sheila Sears

Scott Shanklin-Peterson

Sandy Shaughnessy

Dora Shick

Malissa Feruzzi Shriver

Jeannette Sias

Marty Skomal

David Slatery

Judge James and Joan Sledge

Laura S. Smith

C. Russell Sox

Charles V. Stanhope

Paul B. Stavros

Susan Steinhauser

Karen Stewart

Richard Q. Stifel

John and Pat Strickland

Suzette Surkamer

Suzanne Tate

Janice A. Taylor

Carol Templeton

Lionell Thomas

Louise Toppin

Carol Trawick

Nancy Trovillion

Kris Tucker

Randall Vaughn

Roanne H. Victor

Lana Gold Walder

Wilfred Watkins

Craig Watson

Lenna M. Watson

Paul Weagraff

Ardath Weaver

Jan Webb

Ann Weisman


John Willingham

Timothy Wilson

Samuel A. Winans

Suzanne Wise

Wilbur Wood

Rosalind Wyman

Nancy Young

Gifts Made in Honor

In gratitude to the Kentucky Arts Council for the hard work and long hours, made by Andee Rudloff

In honor of Dr. Jean Brody, Drexel University's Arts Administration Department, made by Cathy Hernandez

In honor of Theresa Colvin, made by members of the Maryland State Arts Council

In honor of Llewellyn Crain, made by John Divine

In honor of Arni Fishbaugh, made by Ken May

In honor of Dana Gioia, made by Malissa Feruzzi Shriver

In honor of Derek Gordon, made by Pam Breaux

In honor of Al Head, made by Joel T. Daves IV

In honor of Al Head, made by Julie Hall Friedman

In honor of Al Head, made by Ralph Frohsin, Jr.

In honor of Al Head, made by Dora Hanson James

In honor of Bobby Kadis, made by Lisa S. Anderson

In honor of Mr. Robert S. "Bobby" Kadis, Chair of the North Carolina Arts Council, made by Ray McKinney

In honor of Bobby Kadis, made by Ardath Weaver

In honor of Susan S. Landis, made by John and Pat Strickland

In honor of Andi Mathis and in memory of her father, Leonard Rosenstein, made by John Divine

In honor of Senator Jerry Moran, made by John Divine

In honor of Governor Martin O'Malley, in recognition of his strong and consistent support for the Maryland State Arts Council, made by Terri Moreland

In honor of Becky Quinn, made by Lisa Blach and Andy Weil

In honor of Becky Quinn, made by Rachel and Conrad Fowler

In honor of John Rohman, former NASAA president and former chair of the Maine Arts Commission, made by Charles V. Stanhope

In honor of Henry Schwaller, made by John Divine

In honor of Laura Smith, made by Patricia Bizzell

In honor of Anita Wolgast, made by John Divine

In memory of Bonnie Bernholz, former Chair of the Alaska State Council on the Arts, made by Timothy Wilson

In memory of Beatrice Brinson, made by Becky Quinn

In memory of Frank Samuel Cole, made by Shelley Morhaim

In memory of Mary Noel Culver, made by Robert Culver

In memory of Maria Estrada, Idaho Commission on the Arts, who will be remembered for her dedication, made by Wilfred Watkins

In memory of Dorothy Crawford McCarty, made by Karen Ellerbrook

In memory of Jacque and Lila Stahler, made by Julie Henahan

In memory of Gary Young, who knew how to do the job and have some fun! made by Barbara Schaffer Bacon

In recognition of the dedicated service of Dennis Dewey to NASAA, made by Rich Boyd

In recognition of NASAA staff members, who work tirelessly on behalf of the arts in this country! made by Connie Pirtle

In recognition of regional and state arts agencies' commitment to excellence and access to the arts, made by Dorothy Pierce McSweeny

In recognition of the valuable, dedicated volunteer service provided by the members of the West Virginia Commission on the Arts, made by Susan Landis

Your gift directly supports the services and programs state arts agencies need the most. With your help, NASAA:

  • Secures your federal resources: NASAA protects and preserves the 40% of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grants budget that goes to state arts agencies. We work in coalition with national partners to advocate for the NEA's overall budget, but only NASAA safeguards the state arts agency portion and mobilizes state arts agency voices in Congress.

  • Illustrates your "return on investment": NASAA offers customized fact sheets, benchmarking data and policy briefs that help you make the best case for state resources.

  • Keeps you informed: NASAA is your authoritative source for federal updates, policy trends, research and best practices. NASAA keeps you current with Legislative Alerts, Report to Councils, a comprehensive website and NASAA Notes, our monthly e-newsletter.


State arts agencies are vital, in part because they support all the arts for all the people in our country. Lots of organizations support the arts, but only NASAA is dedicated exclusively to state arts agencies. Everything NASAA does helps state arts agencies maximize their value to the public and to state government. Ultimately, NASAA's work benefits not just members, but every American, as NASAA helps state arts agencies fulfill their many citizen service roles.

Why Me?

You are among a unique group that understands the important work of state arts agencies and their staff and volunteer leaders. Not everyone realizes how essential it is to strengthen state arts agencies. NASAA relies on the dedication of individuals like you who know that supporting NASAA strengthens and deepens the arts and arts participation in every state.

I want to help! How can I make a gift?

There are several ways you can give:

  1. Make a secure on-line donation.

  2. Mail your check to:
    • National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
      Attn: Dora Shick
      1029 Vermont Avenue NW, 2nd Floor
      Washington, DC 20005

  3. Donate over the phone by calling Dora Shick at 202-347-6352 x108.
  4. NASAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

    Thank you for your support!

NASAA's mission is to strengthen state arts agencies.
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