Every state arts agency is led by a supervisory body known as a council, commission or board. These governing bodies provide citizen oversight of the work of state arts agencies and fulfill a variety of planning, leadership and representation functions. To learn more about state arts agency councils, see NASAA's State Arts Agency Council Terms, Powers and DutiesNASAA member-only content summary.


NASAA surveys state arts agencies every several years for updated staffing, compensation and structure information. Many members use this information to inform restructuring efforts, recruiting plans, budget justifications and agency performance audits. NASAA offers a variety of additional data relating to staffing, including information on administrative and programmatic staff sizes.


Contact NASAA for access to the databanks described below.

For sample organizational charts or job descriptions, contact Henry Clapp.


State arts agencies occupy a variety of structural positions within state government. Some are independent agencies reporting directly to the governor. Others are divisions of larger departments such as cultural affairs, economic development or tourism. NASAA members can access the following resources on state arts agency placement:

For more information on state arts agency structure, contact Kelly Barsdate.

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