Planning and accountability are top concerns for any branch of government, and state arts agencies are no exception. To help state arts agencies address these issues—and to maximize the impact of the public's investment in the arts—NASAA helps state arts agencies with a variety of planning, evaluation, reporting and accountability activities. In addition to exploring the resources listed below, you can also contact NASAA for more information, advice and referrals to other states.

Strategic Planning Resource Center

NASAA's Strategic Planning Resource Center helps state arts agencies make the most of planning and stay abreast of the latest planning trends in the state arts agency field. The resource center include examples of state arts agency plans as well as useful how-to tips.

Public Value

NASAA has compiled a collection of public value resources that can help you apply this powerful theory of public management to your work in the arts.

National Standard Reference Center

NASAA provides a variety of tools to help states and regions implement the National Standard for Arts Information Exchange and complete annual final descriptive reports (FDRs) for the National Endowment for the Arts. Reporting tips, coding "cheat sheets" and National Standard reference documents are all included.

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Getting Started with Program Evaluation
  • Getting Started with Program Evaluation: A Guide for Arts Organizations: This short guide, developed collaboratively by NASAA and the Georgia Council for the Arts, is designed for state arts agencies to share with their grantees. It introduces nonprofit arts managers to basic program evaluation concepts and illustrates how evaluation can be relevant to the arts.
  • Performance Measurement Models: NASAA collects examples of state arts agency performance measurement tools. Browse the collection for examples of the many approaches to applying and presenting performance metrics, including internal state arts agency documents as well as external evaluations by state budget offices and legislatures.
  • Benchmarking Reports: To assist you with your benchmarking and performance measurement efforts, NASAA can create custom funding and grant-making reports that illustrate similarities and differences between your agency and other states.

NASAA can also provide advice and performance measurement examples from around the nation. For more information, contact Kelly Barsdate.

NASAA's mission is to strengthen state arts agencies.
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