Current State Arts Agency Revenues

NASAA surveys state arts agencies twice yearly for updated appropriations and revenue information. Current information is available on this page. NASAA maintains historical information back to the 1960s.

Presentations and Summaries

  • Summary Report: 2015 State Legislative RoundupNASAA member-only content This summary highlights notable state legislation considered in 2015 affecting state arts agencies across the country.
  • Summary Report: 2015 Grant Making and Funding This overview of state arts agency grant-making and funding activities provides summary grant statistics, funding trends over time and select state-by-state information. It is a succinct introduction to state arts agencies. Reports from previous years are available: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006.
  • Public Funding for the Arts is an annualized snapshot of federal, state and local appropriations for the arts. Prepared by NASAA and published each autumn in the GIA Reader (the journal of Grantmakers in the Arts), this summary provides a concise synthesis of government funding trends over time.

Dedicated Revenue Strategies

  • Policy Brief: Dedicated Revenue StrategiesNASAA member-only content This brief provides an overview of strategies that state arts agencies have pursued, including special taxes and fees, income tax checkoffs, license plates and cultural trusts. It further outlines policy considerations and success factors. This updates a 2013 version titled State Arts Agency Supplemental Funding Strategies.
  • Special Taxes and FeesNASAA member-only content Ten states receive funding through special taxes or fees. In these states, this funding source comprises a large portion of total state funding.
    California automobile license plate reading 'ART LVR'

    Californiais arts license plate, created by Wayne Thiebaud

  • License PlatesNASAA member-only content Thirteen states offer specialty license plates for the arts.
  • Income Tax CheckoffsNASAA member-only content Almost all states offer voluntary income tax checkoffs to fund social causes. Currently five states offer them to fund the arts.
  • Line ItemsNASAA member-only content Line items (also known as earmarks) are legislative appropriations not controlled by state arts agencies but passed through their budgets to other entities. These funds are one of the most volatile components of state arts agency appropriations.
  • Cultural TrustsNASAA member-only content Eighteen states have established cultural trusts (or cultural endowments) and serve a variety of purposes.

Historical Data

  • Public Funding SourcebookNASAA member-only content The Sourcebook provides information on each state arts agency's legislative appropriation from 1970 to the present day. This Excel file contains state-by-state information on appropriations including and excluding line items. Refer to the documentation for definitions. Nonmembers may purchase the Sourcebook in the Publications section.
  • NASAA can provide custom funding history tables, charts and graphs. Contact us for more information.

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