NASAA is a learning forum, facilitating the transfer of ideas and helping state arts agencies to pioneer and share solutions. A menu of year-round learning opportunities keeps NASAA members abreast of the latest trends inside and outside of the state arts agency field.

Upcoming Meetings

Don't miss out on upcoming opportunities for learning and networking. More>>

Past Meetings

To make NASAA convenings a perennial resource, materials from past gatherings are posted on line. These materials include session handouts, presentations, photo albums and more. More>>

Web Seminars

NASAA hosts frequent Web seminars. Open to state arts agency staff and council members, these events are a great way to learn about new research, hear from diverse experts and stay connected with other state arts agencies. More>>NASAA member-only content

Learning on Demand

Available for download whenever needed, NASAA's on-demand offerings include prerecorded slidecasts and audio files that you can use on your own or share with your agency colleagues. More>>

Phone Salons

NASAA offers occasional phone salons as a supplement to conferences, listservs and web seminars to help state arts agencies stay connected with one another. These small-group audio sessions are informal, peer-facilitated discussions designed to provide a forum for the candid exchange of views and experiences as well as an opportunity to chat with your colleagues from other states. To create a space in which members can share openly about potentially sensitive subjects, phone salons are not recorded. For more information on upcoming phone salons, please contact Learning Services Manager Eric Giles, 202-347-6352 x117.

Peer Groups

Peer groups are job-alike groups where members share similar roles or responsibilities within the state arts agency field. Active participation in a peer group builds your knowledge, strengthens your leadership skills, and broadens your professional network. More>>

On-Site Workshops and Training

NASAA offers presentations and workshops for local arts constituents as well as sessions designed for state arts agency council members and staff. All services capitalize on NASAA's unique national perspective and our expertise in designing engaging learning experiences for adult professionals. More>>