2010 Assembly NASAA Texas Commission on the Arts
Assembly 2010, October 14-16, 2010, Austin, Texas

Plenary Sessions

Remarks by National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman
Report of NASAA Executive Director Jonathan Katz
NASAA 2010 Leadership Awards
Remarks by NASAA 2010 Distinguished Public Service Awardee Lu Ellsworth


Building a Shared Public Responsibility for the Arts
   ArtsWave Paint the Street video

Put Your ART into It: Economic Development Texas Style

Engage 2020

Federal Resources for The Arts: Emerging Opportunities

Financial Fault Lines
   The Four Horsemen of the Nonprofit Financial Apocalypse

Cultural Entrepreneurship: The Crossroads of People, Place and Prosperity
   Cultural Entrepreneurship Study Findings

Surviving—and Even Thriving—During the Recession

Harnessing Social Networking for Arts Advocacy
   Social Media & Arts Advocacy? Perfect Together! (New Jersey)
   Friends in Need (South Carolina)

Dialogues / Flashes of Inspiration

Postcards from the Inferno: Lessons Learned from Recent Budget Battles
   Postcards: Advice for State Arts Agencies Facing Hard Times

Innovate to Thrive
   2010 Denver Cultural Forum Address
   Entering upon Novelty: Policy and Funding Issues for a New Era in the Arts
   New Pathways for the Arts Initiative
   Innovation Stories from across the Country

Harnessing New Technologies for Arts Learning and Participation
   Harnessing New Technologies Handout

Flashes of Inspiration: A Lightning Round of Creative Ideas

Peer Group Sessions

Executive Directors
   Success Stories

Chairs and Council Members

Deputy / Assistant Directors

Accessibility Coordinators

Arts Education Managers

Communications / Public Information

Community Development

Folk / Traditional Arts

Saturday Salon

Advocacy Forum: A Joint Session for State Arts Agencies and State Arts Advocacy Organizations

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